peppermind est un réseau divers et inclusif. Nous encourageons l’apprentissage continu et nous sommes convaincu.e.s que chacun.e peut être acteur.rice du changement.

Nous sommes des consultants, des coachs et des facilitateurs expérimentés, avec des expertises complémentaires, qui veulent tous avoir un impact positif sur le monde du travail. Nous sommes multilingues, multiculturels, multinationaux et nous travaillons au-delà des frontières.

Nos valeurs communes sont la confiance, la transparence, le développement personnel, la responsabilisation, le partage et l’inter-connectivité.

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peppermind est un Celemi Solution Provider

FR Depuis 1984, Celemi est à l’avant-garde du développement des simulations d’entreprise et, à ce jour, plus de 5 millions de participants dans 70 pays ont bénéficié de leurs solutions d’apprentissage. Diane Van den Berge, PDG de peppermind AG, est affiliée à Celemi depuis 1990, en tant qu’animatrice certifiée et formatrice agréée pour un grand nombre de leurs simulations d’entreprise.

En collaboration avec d’autres chefs d’entreprise et coachs expérimentés, Diane a co-créé des programmes d’apprentissage qui se concentrent sur le leadership et la collaboration, en abordant la composante comportementale cruciale requise pour des transformations rapides et durables. Ces programmes complètent la suite existante de solutions d’apprentissage de Celemi.

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Nous travaillons dans différentes langues.

Dr Evelyn Miller


Peppermind supports you and your teams to focus on impact. We provide systemic methods applicable for daily live. Creating a solution-oriented communication together. Recognizing underlying team patterns. Exploring dynamics of interactions – are my favourite approaches. Which enables your people to contribute with creative solutions even in time of change.


Christoph Mahr

step 5

peppermind helps people to better understand automated processes of the human brain and to meet them with awareness and active action. This makes it easier to get out of the victim role in stressful situations and to recognize and increase one's own sphere of influence.


Hélène Grechez

ENEOS Coaching & Conseil

La force de greytogreen c’est de (re)donner aux personnes leur pouvoir d’agir dans les domaines qui leur tiennent à cœur. Et c’est la clé de la performance collective. Je suis ravie d’être partenaire de peppermind.


Eric Stutzmann


In an ever-changing, volatile, elusive and above all unpredictable world, the peppermind network is an indisputable asset for any company: it helps to connect minds, unite teams and generate incredible energy.


Nicolas Eynaud de Faÿ


I believe that the human being is at the centre of any action of change, adaptation and transformation. In a dynamic and unpredictable environment, peppermind contributes to the development of the individual performance necessary to lead change.


Valérie Van den Bossche


peppermind’s programs raise my clients' awareness of the underlying issues of change through an experiential, honest and non-judgmental view of imaginary and lived challenges. It then urges them to take more conscious, purpose-led actions as a group'.


Sabine Echterhoff

I am enthusiastic about greytogreen from the peppermind portfolio! Participants experience why and how they respond to change and understand how to remain able to act in challenging situations. The workshop does not leave any participant unaffected!


Bernhard Sterchi

Palladio Trusted Advisors

peppermind provides me with structured, well-designed facilitation support for one of my key tasks: to foster ownership in organisations.


Birgitta Olofson

Step Education

The international collaboration in the Network is a precious possibility. Creating true business value with heart and brain in balance is thriving – both for my own business and for my customers.


Diane Van den Berge


I strongly believe that a more caring economy will come from combining business acumen with personal awareness, from people following their heart, understanding the bigger picture and having the courage to go for it. peppermind enables me to pursue this dream and to live it together with my colleagues and our customers.


Florence Chaverot


Being part of this international network is a pleasure and a wealth. I appreciate the openness, mutual support and healthy working relationships between us. Building projects with our clients and help them to meet their challenges by placing the human dimension at the heart of their approach, gives meaning to my professional activity and motivates me.


Naida Culshaw

Business Sense Training

I love the combination of professionals with systemic thinking, change theory, organizational design, and human dynamics experience. We address not only the "how" but also the "why," while keeping the human element and organizational purpose at the center.


Michael Schwarz

step 5

peppermind inspires and motivates me and I feel truly connected to all the people in the network. Deploying the learning solutions, I can support my clients in their transformation more powerfully and with a much higher reach.


Daniel Kaul


The peppermind programs supported our employees to develop constructive and creative solutions for challenging situations in our team. Together we created a trustful and solution-oriented communication. With the help of the peppermind network, I will from now on be able to support our customers to create similar value for them.


Adrian O’Gara


peppermind’s programs helps me to cascade people-focused change throughout an organisation, increasing self-leadership for everyone in a business. I can democratise the learning that’s usually reserved for senior leaders via one-to-one coaching, and deliver this knowledge company-wide—via deep learning experiences.


Gopal RajGuru

Innovate & Grow

The peppermind programs supported our employees to develop constructive and creative solutions for challenging situations in our team. Together we created a trustful and solution-oriented communication. With the help of the peppermind network, I will from now on be able to support our customers to create similar value for them.


Mahdavi RajGuru

Innovate & Grow

Being part of the peppermind network gives me the powerful tools to help clients work through difficult situations and change perspective to define their own way forward and build a new life with better clarity and confidence.


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